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*All furniture must be empty
*All boxes must be packed, sealed and ready to go.
*Movers will fully pad and protect all furniture
*Disassembly and reassembly is included
*Pictures and/or video tour will also help with providing you an accurate estimate
*In home estimates are available and must be scheduled
*If you require full pack and move, an in home estimate is required

For hanging clothes we recommend large or extra large boxes. This allows the hanging clothes to be placed in the box, folded in half while still on the hanger.
We can provide 4.5 cf boxes and pack your closets for $5/box.

***All books and paper must be packed in standard SMALL moving boxes. 1.5 cf***
If we must repack from your medium or large box full of books/ paper we will charge $5/ per small box that we provide.

Any and all boxes that the customer packs must be sealed with tape on the top and bottom. Boxes should be filled completely to avoid the box collapsing when stacked. Inter locking the flaps is not sufficient.
Ideal taping method is:
One or 2 strips of tape across the seam where the flaps come together and then 2 strips going the opposite direction closer to the edge.

TV’s.  Flat screen tvs

Television must be packed in original box or tv moving box from home depot or other professional grade moving box.
Or you can move all your tvs and other high value electronics in your personal vehicle.
If you choose to have the movers move your Television without a proper moving box we will assume no liability in damage which could be catastrophic.
If you choose to have the movers transport your tv we will do our best to adequately protect your high value electronics,  but we do not offer any coverage for damage.
Floor lamps or pole lamps must have the bulbs, shade and harp removed.
Pole lamps should be unscrewed at the joints and boxed to avoid damage.
The concrete bases are known to break during transport if not properly packed.
We recommend purchasing boxes from home depot or New Haven Moving Equipment in Alexandria, VA.