Popular Questions about Moving Services


Try contacting grocery stores and home improvement stores like Home Depot to see if they give away their extra cardboard boxes. You may also be able to use other household items that you already have on hand to transport your belongings, such as storage bins and laundry baskets.

Barry’s Best Movers always pads furniture right where it sits before it gets moved. This ensures that your furniture stays damage-free during the entire move.

None of your furniture, including dressers and chests, should have any items inside while being moved. Please empty all furniture and storage units of jewelry, clothing, and other loose items.

If you request an estimate with plenty of notice beforehand, we can usually do an in-home or photo/video estimate. With short or no notice, we will not have the time to visit for a thorough inspection and estimate.

We offer complete packing services to make your move as easy as possible! We will move the contents of your home, no matter the size, from 600 – 8,000 square feet. We always protect your items with proper packing materials before the move to keep your belongings in their current condition.

We cannot transport fireworks, propane tanks, weapons and ammunition, car batteries or standard batteries, and chemicals such as household cleaners and bleach. These items are not very safe to transport, and we will not move them to your new residence to ensure we avoid damaging your other belongings.